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Not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing...

But Dixie is going to grace our screens once more!

Dixie Returns to
All My Children

You wanted it, you got it! Cady McClain returns to All My Children as Dixie Cooney Martin on Friday, May 2.

Dixie is back in Pine Valley with a mission: She's reuniting Tad with their long missing daughter, Kate!

As the audience knows, Kate was stolen at birth, put up for adoption and now lives with Nurse Julia Keefer under the name of Kathy. Only Adam Chandler--Dixie's evil ex-husband and Tad's lifelong enemy--knows the truth that Kathy is Tad and Dixie's child.

When last seen in January 2007, Dixie fell victim to a serial killer. Her ghost watched as Tad received a comforting hug from Kathy. It was then that Dixie realized Kathy was really her daughter. Now with her angelic hand, Dixie will guide Tad into the loving embrace of their little girl. This is drama you can't miss!

Now let's just hope she's only testing the waters with this appearance, and it goes well...
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