Ladybutt (joriejc2) wrote in cady_fans,

You don't think .........

"On a more controversial note ABC is contemplating a huge comeback that could shock one ABC daytime show if they decide to let the pendulum swing in favor of the fans. It won't be the first time someone has returned from the dead though it will be the hardest to explain. Hard feelings and misunderstood action left both parties with a bad taste in their mouths but talks could resume. This ailing ABC show knows they need to pull a rabbit out of their hats and fast. Fans are leaving in droves with the ratings plummeting. If they pull this one out of their hats it could very well bring back many daytime viewers to this sinking ship. Time will tell." From Ravenbeauty spoilers.

Good God. I don't know if I'd respect either party if Cady popped up there again. After the way she was treated and the way the fans were treated? And she basically has had the same thing happen to her on ATWT, with an improbable comeback and then it being cut real short.

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